Weebly is a free website which is used by teachers and students. It is used to create blogs to share and reflect the ideas. It is beneficial to express yourselves creatively using a variety of multimedia features.

The teachers can acweeblycept assignments and can provide the students a new way to express themselves. It makes it easy for the teachers to hand out assignments and accept homeworks. The students can create easily for their projects and portfolios. They can also have fun while completing assignments. You can add pictures, videos, documents and photos easily. You can use videos from YouTube through embed code in order to pay attention to your web-site.

Briefly, it is a good option for the teachers who want their students to create a digital portfolio of their work. I think, it is also a great platform in terms of having safe and secure environment.



Storyjumper is a site to create your own digital story using colourful and interesting visuals.. It is useful for very young and young learners in order to teach English. The students are able to create their own stories by using some templates in the program.  It contains cover and back page. The students can type their stories by adding pictures.

It is a newcover way to tell the story. Digital storytelling can affect the teaching and the learning positively rather than the traditional storytelling.

Like traditional storytelling, digital storytelling helps to build conceptual skills like understanding a narrative and using inductive reasoning to solve problems, but the creation of digital stories also requires the creator to build technology skills through the use of software and other tools” (How Digital Storytelling, 2009).

            It allows the students to share their stories. The students can also work together to solve the problem of the character. Thus, they develop their creative writing skills. It encourages collaboration to brainstorm for a great story. As I examined the program, apart from making story books, the students can also make various kinds of maps such as treasure maps, and mind maps for their educational purposes through storyjumper.

By integrating technology and using these kinds of programs, it is easier to work effectively for students and to keep their interests.


Second Life is a 3-D web-based platform. You can do what people do in real life by creating your own avatar. It is a game like SIM CITY.  The teacher can use in their classroom in order to enhance the performance.

The students can lheroearn about other cultured and can acquire new skills through this platform. It provides new opportunities for collaboration and social interaction. The students can engage in new forms of communication with others. Thanks to Second Life, the students have the ability to interact with the teachers and other students in real time as if they were in actual classroom. This interaction encourages the students to engage in online discussion.

I can say that Second Life is a kind of informal educational environment. This informal learning helps the students engage without feeling shy and embarrassment.

“Hot Potatoes”

Hot potatoes is a software which contains some applications such as jcross, jmatch, jquiz, jmix, jcloze and the masher. It enables us to create interactive web-based teaching exercises. We, as teachers, can import most Hot Potatoes exercises easily into Quiz with just a few clicks.We can also add sounds and pictures to attract the students. We can create five different quizzes effortlessly for your students. Let’s look at these quizzes.

Crossword (JCross):It creates crossword puzzle. We can add clues after having added words. We type the crosswords in the squares, one letter in each square.

MatchingImage (JMatch): We can create matching and ordering activities. There are ordered items on the left while there are jumbled items on the right. It can be useful for matching vocabulary to pictures or translations or a conversation.

Short Answer (JQuiz): It is a kind of quiz. There are some options on the right such as multiple choice, shor
t answer, hybrid and multi-select. We can easily create quiz by using these options. Moreover, feedback can be given to the student in response to each answer.

Jumbled Sentence (JMix): We make word or sentence rearranging exercises. The correct sentence i written in the Main Sentence box and the meaningful phrases are divided into the parts.

Cloze (JCloze): It i
s a fill in the blanks quiz. After we add a text, we click “auto gap.” The words are made into blanks. Feedback can be edited.

The Masher: It allows us to combine many exercises into together.

Briefly, I can say that the teachers do not have to be stressed to produce one piece of exercise to the students thanks to Hot Potatoes. Interactivity of the exercises can motivate the students. It is a tool which helps the teachers to integrate the technology in the classrooms. Furthermore; instant feedback to complete the task can help the students in their learning.



Why do so many teachers become the member of the online teaching platforms? I think, the answer is easy because the online teaching gives time to the teachers to perform their teaching duties. These programs give students to think without the stress of answering questions in front of the whole class. Let’s look at some online teaching programs.

Edmodo: It is a kind of free and closed network. We can share everything such as links, articleEdmodo-news, videos, presentations and blogs. We can create a group for their courses as a teacher in order to give some assignments, to announce documents or to discuss any topic. It is a good way to connect with our students. It is a friendly environment. There are alerts to remind the students their assignments. After students can upload their homeworks, we can also give privately feedback and reinforcement to students. Moreover, we can store our resources such as presentations and documents in the library part. We can keep the tasks and materials of each week as resource. We can also create quizzes by setting a time. In Progress part, we can see the students’ developing process and the students’ assignments. Briefly, both the teachers and the students enjoy the course while using Edmodo.

     Nicenet: It provides tImageeachers with the opportunity of working with students. It works like Edmodo. The students can be a member of this platform by clicking join a class button. While Edmodo includes some visual things, Nicenet is not rich as visual like Edmodo. Nicenet is a database program. Word document cannot upload. We need to copy the text directly and then we can paste the text. Although it is not good at visually, it is beneficial to make the students write. It is also suitable for story.

Prezi: It is a web-based presentation. It can be useful for storytelling rather than PowerPoint preprezi1sentation. You can add images from Google and videos form YouTube. If you can emphasize something, you can zoom by adding frames. We can also download the presentation that we make as pdf. Everything that we do is automatically saved. It is a perfect way for interactive classroom projects. We, as teacher, can use it in the classroom in order to active learning and interactivity and to make lessons understandable, memorable and fun, so we can say that Prezi is online software alternative to PowerPoint. It makes learning enjoyable and provides a different approach to present something. I think, it is an excellent way for the learners to create a Prezi together on a particular topic in small groups. It can also develop the learners’ skills on using fonts, importing pictures and video. Even though it has many advantageous, of course there are some disadvantageous. For instance; if you want to make change in your Prezi, you have to download the presentation with 60 MB again after you correct it. You cannot correct it like PowerPoint presentation.

As you can see, both the students and the teachers enjoy the lessons thanks to these kinds of online platforms. These programs are very useful tool to benefit the teachers within the classroom. Briefly, we should use these platforms in our classrooms in order to motivate our students.


I am B.Bahar Çimendağ. I’m from Malatya, Turkey and I was born in April 4th, 1990. I finished my high school in 2008. Then, I deserve taking to the university in the department of English language and literature in 2009. After I had studied here for two years, I left this department and now I am a senior student of Abant İzzet Baysal University department of English Language Teaching. If you want to learn more information about me, you can visit my PREZI CV.




Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are essential tools to improve learning for the learners through wireless technology. Wireless technology is a way that provides the learning environment for the learners inside and outside of the school, but unfortunately, every learner has not a computer and internet. Nevertheless, most of the learners have phones and this enables an opportunity to reach some resources. In the classroom, mobile learning provides the teachers and learners to increase flexibility. It also gives new chances for interaction. They can learn anything, anywhere and anytime through mobile learning. Using QR codes is one example of this.


QR CODE: I don’t have any idea about QR Code before CALL course. It is an amazing application. I usually come across this code on newspapers, brochures, product labels and billboards, but I don’t know why it is used. It provides taking information about anything. A few days ago, I went to museum in Safranbolu. There were some masterpieces. QR code appeared on these works in order that the people could reach information about the art-work and the artist. Furthermore, I saw some travel brochures about famous places of Safranbolu. I scanned the code from my smart phone and it immediately guided me to the maps. It is a very useful application.

We, as teachers, can create QR code in order to show some examples such as powerpoint or slideshare for a class presentation. Rather than using more paper, we can give our students a QR which takes them to the instructions, announcements or assignments. Thus, we can save more space on our wall. Moreover, we can inform our students’ exam results like that. There is no need to write down something in detail thanks to this resource. We need to have only QR reader in order to do these things. The application scans the code and the phone displays the text, video or web page. It is freely available in smartphones, but many cell-phones which have cameras are not able to get this software. I can say that it is  the disadvantage of this online platform.


SOCRATIVE: It is an online platform which allows the teachers to engage the learners with games and exercises. Teachers can create several exercises, quizzes and games for any grade level. The teachers take instant answers while they ask immediately the questions to the learners. There is no need to register to it. It is easy to install on smartphones and tablets. Socrative gives chance to engage the learners in learning through technology. This platform which is used in some contests such as “who wants to be a millionaire?” is very helpful to gather the result as an excel document.

Briefly, I can say that the learners want to use mobile devices because they use it regularly in their personal life. It allows them to communicate with teachers and the other learners online. It also allows the learners to connect and work with the others by using these kinds of resources. 

WHICH ONE IS BETTER? PB Works Wiki or Google Docs/Drive

There are so many web-based platforms which attract the learners’ attention and interest. PB Works Wiki and Google Docs/Drive are only two of them.

ImagePB Works Wiki: It is a public platform. The information about anything is written here so as to publish in Wikipedia. It is a great tool in order to create classroom website. It is a place that you can share your opinions.  You can create a group to prepare activities about teaching language. To prepare idiom dictionary or describe a city everybody can write their own opinions by using PB Works Wiki. This page is a common work place. Everybody makes their own changes on one page. In this online platform, they write whatever they want on a document. By the way, if you want, you can add a video on your page by using embed code. The video will be able to directly add on your wiki thanks to embed code. If a person makes changes on a page, another person who wants to write something new at the same time have to wait. After the first person finishes her/his job, another person can add something. It implies that if the class is crowded, this application will not be able to work very well and won’t be useful. This is the biggest disadvantage of this online platform although it has many advantages.


Google Docs/ Google Drive: We don’t have to use Microsoft Office thanks to Google Docs/Drive. When you open Google Docs from Google, you’ll see “CREATE” pull down menu in the upper left. When you pull this down, you’ll find a number of options such as document, presentation, spreadsheet, form and drawing. Each of these options is the same with the Ms Office. For instance, document represents Microsoft Word or presentation represents Microsoft PowerPoint… etc. This application shows us that we don’t need to download Ms Office. Instead of this, we can use this free web-based platform. It also helps store the documents like Dropbox. Furthermore, like PB Works Wiki, we can write or change anything on the page while working with another person at the same time. You can share your opinions or experiences with other people. When you work with your students collaboratively in PB Works Wiki, you can turn back if the information is deleted by mistake, but in Google Docs/Drive when the information is deleted accidentally by someone of the learners, you cannot turn back. This is one of the disadvantages of it.

            Briefly, CALL helps us learn these kinds of online services which simplify the learners’ learning and met their needs. See you in other technologic services…


These days, people are extremely busy with the internet.  The people use it in many fields of their lives. As I said before, the internet is an excellent tool which makes our life easier. It can also be effective for teachers as a medium to increase the quality of teaching or learning a language. There are many online tools such as WordPress and Twitter which can be used in order to attract the learners’ interests.


WordPress: Using a blog makes learning independent. I believe that using blog encourages us to be active and helps us improve our writing skills. We can express very well our reflections. It provides working collaboratively.  According to I have learned in the CALL course, WordPress allows people from all over the world to publish and share their opinions. Moreover, people can make comment. Teachers and learners can find easily various authentic materials and activities on the web. There are also useful worksheets and ideas about how to teach foreign language.


Twitter: It is one of the simplest ways that teachers can use it in their classrooms. Learners from around the world work collaboratively on a task using Twitter as a medium. Thanks to Twitter, both teachers and learners can reach up to date information about teaching or learning a language. They can find out easily approaches and methods because they always get in touch with technology. That is why; teachers and learners can improve their interests, opinions and knowledge. Twitter can also allow students to tweet their own notes during lessons. Thus, the students share their notes with their friends. What is more, we can sync with the WordPress to the Twitter. While we engage in our blog from WordPress, we can also keep in touch with Twitter at the same time.

 The people might be more skilled by running away old-fashioned things or information. These kinds of tools enhance the language learning experience. They offer many benefits on language learning. They also present a vast amount of information for teachers and learners. Briefly, I can say that learning can be enjoyable with these kinds of applications. Come in funny learning…



Computer technology is a vital issue in human life because of helping simplify our lives. Every part of our lives is under influence of computer technology.  If it didn’t exist, there would be lots of hidden information and the people would not reach easily what they want. We can also use this technology in education in order to enhance our teaching and to help student learn. It can be beneficial to language learners if technology is integrated into the classroom. CALL is one of some approaches to teach language attractively. There are many productive ideas and articles on the internet about it. These articles point out how computers are used in education so as to motivate the students and to attract their interests. This article which was written by Mark Waschauer is one of them.


CALL has been divided into three phases by Mark Waschauer. First one is Behaviouristic CALL. According to him, the computer instructs the student and the students learn from the computer. The computer evaluates task and asks the questions. Repetition is usually used. The second one is Communicative CALL. It focuses on communication rather than on the form and avoids repetition. It doesn’t evaluate everything the student does. It does not reward students. I can say that it is a fun and attractive phrase. I can infer from this article that students explore and learn without being evaluated. The last one is Integrative CALL.  It integrates various language learning. According to the author, this phase is characterized by the use of multi-media and the internet. Waschauer tries to express that this phrase relies on use of multi-media, the internet and hypermedia.

The author alsImageo gives information about Computer Mediated Integrative CALL. It provides an environment where authentic and creative communications are integrated. As I figure out that teacher or students share their opinions with a small group, a pair or the whole class. We can conclude from this approach that it supports collaborative works and interaction.

The aim of these all methods and approaches which are created is to enhance the quality of education in teaching language. By using computer technology I can say that the teachers must carefully clarify their goals in order to be able to plan and organize these kinds of technological approaches.


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